Services and Solutions

Over 20 Years of Expertise

Issues Management & Advocacy

FG has successfully led numerous clients through a wide range of issues that have potentially threatened industries, disrupted governments, or hurt consumers. Successful issue campaigns require an effective mix of political acumen, strategic messaging, creativity and organization. Simply put, we are pro’s and our record of success bears that out.

State, Regional and National Public Affairs

Our clients seek experienced representation in navigating the challenging, and sometimes confusing confluence of government, media and stakeholder engagement. They want a team to message their critical issues in an impactful manner. We offer corporations, trade associations and even non-profits proactive and strategic programs for effective engagement, education/awareness, media coverage and dialogue with key policy makers and staff members.

Crisis Management

Accidents happen. Human error occurs. Actions get misinterpreted. Businesses make tough decisions that affect families. Your organization’s credibility and reputation must be protected and preserved. That means dealing with media, employees, shareholders and stakeholders in an organized, strategic manner. How you react to crisis can determine how or if you survive. We work with senior management and legal counsel, to ensure the best possible outcomes, both short and long term, from these high-profile challenges.

RAP Index

RAP Index is a solution developed by advocacy experts for advocacy professionals. RAP Index uses a patent-pending scoring process to decisively identify and measure the Relationships, Advocability and Political Capital of an organization’s stakeholders and to find and activate its best messengers.

Calling RAP Index “the forerunner of disruptive advocacy,” The National Journal cited its use as a best practice in Washington advocacy. It supports some of the nation’s  largest corporations and Washington, D.C., associations in helping to deliver advocacy messages and relationships on a county, state and federal level.

Political Strategy

FG offers decades of experience managing and consulting on political campaigns at the national, state and local level. Our team has worked for presidents, senators, congressman, as well as state house and senate candidates. We offer our services to select candidates who we can unabashedly assist and represent during their campaign and while in office. We work with those who seek to improve the lives of their constituents while prudently respecting the taxpayers and families of their communities.


Business Development

FG's extensive network of contacts across both public and private sectors allows us to open doors, create interest and provide new business opportunities.  Whether you are looking to enter a new market or need assistance navigating the often complex public procurement process our team can get you a seat at the table.

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