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For over twenty years, clients have turned to FG for media relations, business development, crisis management and issue advocacy at the state and federal level. They know it takes seasoned professionals to communicate effectively with the public, the media, and elected officials. Often, it’s all about the message and as experienced strategists and connectors, we understand the ins and outs of the political and public policy arena. We don’t just open doors. We make sure you have the right seat at the right table. We solve problems, providing real answers and many times, we uncover and create opportunity along the way.

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We offer Solutions.

Whether your challenge is regulatory, in how you are being perceived or portrayed, or purely political, we offer effective strategies that simultaneously enable you to achieve your goals and protect your reputation.  We are experts in high-profile, high-stakes issues and project management.

We get Answers.

Need information or intelligence on an issue or project or pending vote?  You need a respected team with the credibility, confidentiality and connections to get the answers you seek.

We accelerate Opportunities.

With an extensive network of business, government and political relationships across the country, we open doors, get you a seat at the table and provide counsel and guidance until the deal is closed and the contract signed.

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