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Greenville, South Carolina

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For over a decade, our clients have turned to FG for a whole lot more than just politics. They look to us for media relations, business development, crisis management and issue advocacy at the state and federal level. Those who are truly serious about their success know it takes seasoned professionals to communicate effectively with the general public, the media, elected officials and even other decision-makers in the private sector. Often, it’s all about the message. As strategists and connectors, we understand the ins and outs of the political and public policy arena. We don’t just open doors but also make sure you have the right seat at the right table. We solve problems, providing real answers and many times, we uncover and create opportunity along the way.

We are proactive, creative and focused. Our extensive experience in strategic communications, in both politics and the private sector make us an invaluable partner. We serve a wide range of clients, from small business to Fortune 100 companies to state and national associations. Why not put our experience to work for you?